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Have you ever considered converting to another religion?

Yea. some people get bored of theirs because it doesnt work. Mine annoys me so much cause it does. The gods need to mind their own beeswax.
Nyx mother of night?

Does this mean anything to anyone?
Okay who wants to hear a funny joke that is not so funny.

What is huge, smells bad and can trample through walls.

Punchline One zombie elephant

Okay I managed to save the book and Wesley's book.

So like I said not very funny. Ghouls is damaged beyond repair.
Along with a some places near it.

I'm moving into the church.

Okay did I mention that elephants are big. That was the first time I saw one close up.
wesly, Vincent find me all prophecies pertaining to sisters.

Private to vincent and Heather

Get off your duffs please
We have a ticking clock here so Vinny start researching.
If we are to survive we need you on the clock

So priest or butt boy

hay there is an option c I can use magic seperate your head from the rest of your body.
Ulf can have your ass and your head can read the texts.

Yo seriously I wanna survive this so get busy.
Lauryn here on the network.
We got a potential disaster coming.
So feeling it big time, we got something coming.
So slayers keep your senses honed. Almost time to play.

Heather ready for round two?
Hay Walter get ready for the fun.

God killers ready.
PLease lay off Walter. He may have been bad once, but we are in a situation. He gave up his own element of surprise, to help us. Give the man some credit for that.

Dec. 15th, 2007

I released Walter, and just letting you all know this.
I have Walter, not sure if he is worth trying to save. I hope he is, our mother obsessed killer is still human. maybe that is a was. Anyway I am using a magick circle to keep him from escaping. Plus keeping him chained for now.

It is cruel, but what else can I do. I believe in second chances, I was evil once.


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