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laurynnightmare's Journal

Lauryn LaRoche
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Is the leader of a punk band and a horror and ghost enthusiast. her sister was killed when she wandered away with some kids who belonged to killers from Silent Hill. now a haunted videotape from a mental institution tells her her sister is alive after a fashion in that town. the town claims the lives of all her bandmates as Lauryn prepares for a showdown with the demon her dead sister has become, but with the help of her book of magick rituals she banishes Cristabella. then the town judges her for her cruelty in leading her band here as sacrifices.

these two return in Dead Alive. a millionaire named Ken is accused of the gruesom murder of his girlfriend and to escape the rap leaps into the painting of a drifter, Ike Isaacs who was lost in Silent Hill. Cristabella, alive again, is called to the town as well. Lauryn, Ike and Ken team up to battle the new magician trying to harness Silent Hill's power. and win, restoring normality. but all is not well...Cristabella escaped again and returned to the Hill. will lauryn never find a way to stop her demon sister?

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Those who like to read comics online can learn everything about this C from
Dying Inside scans and Dead Alive (ten thousand thanks to Sarah for scanning and hosting them!